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Real Life Stories

Mom is not just a word It is an emotion It is lovelist word I have never heard I love you mom She take care of me She is not a mom She is my friend, lover ect. I share every feeling to her Even about crushes and love matters When I was in confusion She makes me clear When I was crying The person who wipe my tears is my mom I love her very much Our love is endless and true Our bond strong Our relationship is big She is my world and my life Without her I am like a bird without wings you loved me before you saw me I can't live without you I smile everyday because of your my mom No matter what we go through No matter how much we argue Because I know at the end She will always there for me I am strong now because a strong woman have raised me Thank you for always being with me even in a bad situation Thank you for giving birth Thank you for raising me Thank you for taking care of me Thank you for being my best friend I LOVE YOU MOM

Muthu Kumari, Thirunelveli

My mother was semi litterate women but with very high wisdom. She was from a remote village of Punjab in Hoshiarpur Distt. She got married to a family in Himachal. And her first child was born when her husband was not even working. But she was a pillar of strength to her husband and she got him convinced to do some job as he has a family now. Her husband my father started struggling but in India you may be very much compitent you require certain wheeling dealing to land up with decent job. So he couldn't find one. Ultimately inspite of being educated by the Standards that were prevailing he joined police force as an constable. On the other hand my eldest brother was growing up. And my mother realised that if she remained here means at her in law's he won't study much. So she shifted along with my father at Dharamshala. And mind you she never before had gone to any city. My father took room at rent and both started pursing their life. Than my second brother came and than youngest means I arrived. I still my father once had a bout of typhoid and he was admitted to the police hospital but doctor their advised my mother to shift him to civil hospital of Distt level because of facilities being better their. We all three brothers were kids. No one to look after except my mother. She use to look after all the three of us and my father. During that period my father's salary was not given for few months immediately. I don't know how she managed. Than my eldest brother passed his matric and he was to be admitted to the college. My father gave up and told my brother to look for a job. Their again my mother came to the rescue and got him enrolled in the college. Similarly in the case of my second brother my mother pushed him very hard to reach in a carrier where he is today. I think had she been not his pillor of strength the things may not have been the same. In my case also she pushed me to the extremes to do well in everything whatever I wanted to do. I still remember my school was changed and I was shifted from Hindi medium to English medium far better school. It was all due to my mother. And during the new school I had problems in my academics my mother got me arranged coaching classes. Once I fell seriously ill inspite of being hard of cash best doctor in the city was arranged to get me treated. She had one extra ordinary quality to perceive any upcoming danger before hand. Because of this wisdom we were saved so many times. I never saw her involved in disputes. But I had one grievance with her that she never cared for herself. So we lost her because of cancer on Feb 9, 2009.

Anil Kumar Jaiswal, Gagret

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